Yugioh: 14 | يوغي: 14

يقدم لكم فريق MSRT Fansub الحلقة 14 من يوغي أوه!.

عنوان الحلقة: مبارزة الظلام، القلعة المختبئة داخل الظلام.

- التحميل - 

على أنمي فن: هنا

على ميغا: هنا


  1. مشكورين الله يعطيكم العآفيه , بس ليه تأخرون بتنزيل الحلقه ؟

  2. متشكرين على الحلقة

  3. مبدعين كالعادة

    سانكيو وجاري التحميل

  4. pls

    ممكن ترفعوا الحلقة 12 لان الروابط تالفة و آسفة على الإزعاج

  5. what the hell all subbing in this 14 episode wrong imean the arbic sub messed up ! as indian guy subbing this ?

  6. SatanHere، ok, wait it

    Anonymous, why don't you show us our mistakes so we can avoid them later?

  7. it 's ok now you seem guys made it right when i re upload it agin the arabic subs make snse now . before it was messed like this فائده لا now لافائده and you know the rest how it was , now it ok isee it great hope this does not bother you guys !arigato guzaimashita tomodachi
    i have aquestion? you re done the sub of this episode? cuz of yes idid not read arabic sub wrong ! if not then the blame on me imay forget how to read arabic cuz of studing japanese nihongo means jap languguge ! that may affects my arabic reading what i mean all of this i may read arabic wrong! so the balme on me gomennasai

  8. Yugioh 12:

    Anonymous, LOL,
    i would make a technical support page,
    but too lazy >>,
    of course we done it,
    we don't release any episode without TL Script,
    oh... japanese? ganbatte bro :)

  9. ok ,bro thanks for clearing things up to me
    and arigato for ur kindness^^ and ganbatte for your works as well btw iam shoujo not otoko ;p

  10. oops... o.o

    sumanai Neesan o.o